Bill Gates Stimulants

I web search a lot of really random stuff. A large amount of what I know about the world stems from what I see on the site.

Because of how important search results are to my opinion of the world, I was quite surprised when I did a search on Duckduckgo for

Bill Gates Stimulants

It returned absolutely nothing relevant, which isn’t particularly surprising. The billionaire philanthropist undoubtedly has a spectacular PR team protecting his reputation. Often times, I can get around this by narrowing my search. I searched again, this time using quotes to force specific words and phrases to be found:

“Bill Gates” “stimulants”

Zero results found.

This result honestly shocked me. You’re telling me that in the entirety of the internet, there has been no insane blogger that has gone on a conspiratorial tirade about how Bill Gates’s stimulant abuse is the direct cause of 5G-related autism, leading to the future collapse of America because of the impending zombie apocalypse caused by vaccines?

It makes me wonder what else is manipulated by the results of web search engines. When searched with the same query, Google returned somewhat relevant information, though not what I was hoping for. Looks like Gates has (understandably) not discussed his thoughts on stimulants.

Part of the purpose of this post is to see if it ends up indexed by the search engine, or if it is a topic that is brought down somehow. I guess we’ll find out soon.

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