Currently a Systems Administrator at Mid-State Support, an MSP in Springfield, Missouri. I do everything from troubleshooting printer issues to configuring and installing new servers and automating infrastructure maintenance tasks. To prevent accidentally leaking security information of clients and making phishing easier, I try to avoid talking about things I’ve fixed or learned how to do while at work.

Machine learning hobbyist. fast.ai introduced me to it, and I play with it off and on. Because it’s completely unrelated to my work, it is what I mostly post about.

I tend to develop random things in my free time. Examples include a Django-based Reddit alternative, a cryptocurrency trading bot, finance-related community monitoring and alerting tools, particle-based fluid simulators, and various web scrapers.

I’ve used Linux as my primary OS at home for 11 years now. I’ve learned how to use Windows well since joining Mid-State Support.

I obtained my amateur radio technician license in September 2021. My callsign is KF0GUE.

Recent Projects

  • Randomsite – Explore Random Web Servers. Defunct.
  • Feldot – Website Aggregation Social Media Site similar to Reddit. Unmaintained.


  • Western Governors University
    • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Security Emphasis
  • CCNA
  • CCNA Security
  • Several CompTIA Certifications


Gwern – Spaced Repetition